Friday, March 28, 2014

So long...for now!


I've decided to close my blog, my website, & my Etsy shop down for awhile....maybe forever.

As many of you know, my sweet husband passed away suddenly in January.
Life will never be the same, I painfully miss him every day.

With all the changes come new responsibilities, to myself & my business.

Bill & I were partners in The BarnQuiltStore.
Now that he's gone, I just don't have it in my heart to paint & create as I did before.
I'm sure it will return, but in the mean while, I'm taking time off.

I need to get "my house in order", take time to travel, work in my gardens, etc.

A special thanks to all of you that helped make my BarnQuiltStore successful!!!
I appreciate the friendships I've made through this blog & my business.

I'll still be reading & enjoying your blogs and peacefully spending time with my sweet kitten & family.

Thank you,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Barn Quilts For Christmas From The BarnQuiltStore!

Our Christmas season has been VERY busy here at the BarnQuiltStore!
 We had to move our order cutoff date back to November 30 as we had so many
 Christmas deliveries to make!
Even then, we have continued to receive orders to be delivered after Christmas!! 
I thought I'd share some of the custom orders we've painted this season.
This pattern is called 'Four Seasons', interesting & colorful!

I also painted a couple of  farm implement logos.
Above is Allis Chalmers & below is International Harvester.

Meet our 2 newest family members:
Punkin' & Buddy!
These boys were both strays that showed up at our home together.
In fact, they are almost inseparable!!
Our last dog had just passed away & we were not planning on
getting any more animals.
These 2 hung around our place &, when the weather starting getting cold, we decided they had to come in & live with us!
One of the best decisions we ever made!
Buddy & Punkin' have filled an empty spot in our lives.
We honestly feel they were heaven sent!
We hope you all have a Merry Christmas & the happiest of New Years!





Friday, October 11, 2013

The BarnQuiltStore Delivers!!

Hubs & I drove to North Carolina yesterday to deliver a 4'x4' barn quilt.
Anything larger than a 2'x2' is very difficult to ship: 
it's expensive and they are easily damaged.
We deliver whenever possible and this was one of those times!

Driving though the Great Smoky Mountains.
Once we were on some back roads, winding through the mountains,
we found...BARN QUILTS!!
These 2 barns were only a couple miles apart on the same road.
The leaves were just starting to change.

We stayed in Bryson City at the Calhoun House,
a refurbished 1920's hotel. 
It was completely charming & very comfortable!
The owners, Ed & Shirley, were so much fun and the best hosts.

Bryson City was dressed for fall!

This photo was taken outside their Chamber of Commerce office.
More barn quilts!!

The depot also sported a barn quilt.
According to our hosts, Bryson City is in the process of
starting their own barn quilt trail.
We met some wonderful people, handed out lots of business cards,
made some great contacts and even sold a couple more barn quilts!
Know what that means???
We get to go back and make another delivery to Bryson City, NC!!!
(I could live there!!)



Saturday, August 31, 2013

New for Fall....Barn Quilts!

I've created some new Fall barn quilt patterns!

The first is called  Happy Fall Y'all!
Since we live in the South, I thought it'd be fun (and appropriate)
to take advantage of a common phrase
used this time of the year.

This one, Crow on a Punkin', has a Halloween vibe.
Can you tell I ♥ CROWS??!!??!

 Autumn Leaves Pattern uses several of the lovely colors of Fall.
Can't wait for the cool weather to get here!
Each of these (and over 50 others patterns) are available on my website:

Please visit it if you are looking for Fall décor or
 if you need a gift for someone special!
It's hard to believe but the Christmas holidays are right around the corner!
If you would like to give a barn quilt as a gift, please order soon!
Barn quilts take some time to paint and we get busy early in the season.
We'd sure hate to disappoint someone because they ordered too late! 
Thanks for visiting!
Are you looking forward to Fall like I am????

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A BarnQuiltStore Original, Le Poulet Pattern Barn Quilt

Our newest pattern...'Le Poulet'!

I've been playing around, creating some BarnQuiltStore Original Patterns.
The first was 'Queen Bee'.
I painted it after meeting some 
wonderful folks at an Arts Festival that
 raise honey bees & sell the delicious honey.

We recently sold a Friendship Star
 barn quilt to a lady in Wisconsin.
She sent a photo of it displayed 
on her chicken coop!
Doesn't it look great!!

It's such fun seeing barn quilts
 in their new 'homes'!! 

Know any chicken lovers out there???
'Le Poulet' is for sale on our website


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Celebrate the 4th of July with Patriotic Barn Quilts!

I'm seeing colorful July Fourth decorations
all over blogland right now!
Thought I'd add a few
'patriotic' barn quilts to the mix!

 Don't they all say
"Happy Independence Day"
to you???

These barn quilts (and more!)
may be found on my website
The BarnQuiltStore 

Monday, June 24, 2013

The BarnQuiltStore Blog is BACK!!

Hello bloggers!!!!
I've been gone a long time...5 months to be much has happened!!

This is my second year of retirement as well as my second year of painting barn quilts.

We have been so BUSY!!!!!

Our website, The BarnQuiltStore, and our Etsy shop have kept me painting!

We entered our first Arts Festival this summer
 and came away with a blue ribbon!

Bill has been shipping out barn quilts like crazy
 but still has time to ride with the
Patriot Guard on some of their missions.

I've designed a barn quilt pattern of my own,
 I call it The Queen Bee Pattern.

It's for sale on our website
as well as in our Etsy shop.

We've added several more patterns to our store,
and are up to almost 50 for you to choose from!!

Thanks for letting me catch up with you.
I'll try to be a better blogger in the
 future and not have so much
time pass between posts!
I appreciate you all hanging with me!

How's your summer going???