Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mornin' Glories &.......What's Up???

This spring, I spent countless hours (& $$) planting new flower beds & baskets around our country house.  I was so looking forward to taking the 'after' photos later in the summer when everything had grown & bloomed.  Not to be!!  Our summer this year has been constant temperatures of 90 + degrees every day &, even with the natural showers & my hose waterings, my flower gardens have suffered.  Most of my lovely baskets have withered & my flower beds....well they didn't turn out as I'd hoped.


I still have my morning glories!!  These hardy plants bloom first thing in the AM, then close up & hide their heads when the hot sun comes out.  So smart!!!!

The humming birds love them as do the bees & butterflies!

Thank God for Morning Glories!!!!

Don't you just LOVE the sweet star they have in their centers????

I came into my loft studio the other day to put the quilt on the guest bed.  Of course, all 3 cats were on it!  This is what they were doing.....

I looked up too...saw nothing but the ceiling fan spinning.
Wonder what they were looking at????!!

September 3 will be another Barn Chicks meeting hosted by Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors.

It's so much fun...please check it'll ♥ it!



  1. Hi Sherry... your Morning Glories are beautiful. I just love them especially because they are so old~fashioned and remind me of my grandma's garden... and your kitties are just precious, what a darling photo! Kittie kisses to them! Can't wait for the next Barn Chicks meeting either! Also love all the barns on your sidebar! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi. Such a funny pic of your cats! Hope you're keeping cool and your arm is getting better. That is such a pretty barn on your header.
    ~ Julie

  3. love your pictures Sherry! Thanks you so much for showing my Barn Chick photo! cannot wait to see your ROCK CITY BARNS...



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