Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat!!

Is this not the sweetest little kitten you've ever seen???!!

I bought this on eBay last year from a gal in Iowa
(my home state).
She did the most beautiful arrangements like
this for each holiday.
Her craftmanship is unbelievable...there's so much detail in everything she creates.

Unfortunately, she closed her eBay shop...broke my ♥!!!

I'm enjoying this on my desk at work!! 
Can't wait to show you what she made me for Christmas!!



  1. Oh this is adorable. I've never been one for halloween but the more blogs I visit, the more i'm enjoying all of your decorations. Hugs. Tammy.. love your critters.

  2. It is adorable! So sad eBay has made it so difficult for us sellers to make a profit with all the increases in fees. Maybe she opened a shop on Etsy? or her own website? Anyway you can contact her to find out? If not, you can always google her seller/store name.
    Most of my things are over on Etsy now. I plan to close up shop on eBay after the Holidays :(
    Enoy your kitty!

  3. Cute! I am sitting here with a ten pound cat sleeping on me while balancing a laptop on the arm of a lazy-boy so as not to disturb the blame cat. These cats have power. Have a lovely weeekend!

  4. Hi Sherry, that is just too cute! Too bad she closed her shop, I can't wait to see what she made you for Christmas...Wishing you a Happy Halloween!... xoxo Julie Marie


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