Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello out there!

I've been gone...a LONG time!
My last post was June 28, 2011.

Life has been turmoil for the past several months but things are looking up & getting back to where I can focus again.

I've continued to read blogs & you folks give me such joy & inspiration!

Recently, I've decided to the end of this year.  My husband retired in March & I'm looking forward to spending time with him & our pups!

This weekend I put some "stuff" in my Etsy know, the "stuff" that you don't really use but you can't seem to let go??!!

I ♥ these baby planters from the 70's!  My collection has grown too large so it's time to declutter!
They look so cute in a child's room and I even use some on my desk to hold pens & pencils!

If you'd like to look (or better yet...BUY!!), go to my Etsy Shop,, and check out my stash!




  1. Sherry, yay on your upcoming retirement. You can sit on your porch with your hubs for the entire day now if you wish. I hope you enjoy retirement as much as I do, now if only Joe would buy into it. hugs♥O

  2. Glad your back! I remember getting planters like that when I was in the hospital after giving birth to my first two children. One born in '73' and one in '75'. Wonder what I did with them? I really can't remember. Cute, and thanks for bringing back sweet memories.

  3. I just found your blog. What a breath of fresh air looking at the pictures of your front porch. I want to sit on those chairs and just relax. So glad to have found you! Enjoy your retirement!!


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