Sunday, October 9, 2011


I apologize (in advance) for the 'saturation' of photos in this entry but I wanted to share what I've been seeing each day on my way to & from work!

Aren't they spectacular??????
I L.O.V.E. living in the country!
They take my breath away each time I see them!
There must be 100's of acres of these lovelies...I smile every morning & evening when I pass by!


P.S.  You can see for yourself if you travel on GA Hwy 41 between Calhoun & Adairsville.



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  1. i love sunflowers, and country living too~

  2. Don't apologize...I love sunflowers too! I try to keep a bouquet in my kitchen every week! I need to grow some in my garden..had a few a couple years ago and they were over 6 feet! What a beautiful view on the way to work! Thanks for sharing
    Miss Bloomers

  3. thanks for sharing these amazing photos I love them ! I live in a rural area in Ohio and I am amazed by the pretty colors right now Everything from the trees to the yellowing soybean crops and corn fields still standing tall in all shades of tan and browns and yellows


  4. The only farm near us that plants sunflowers did not do so this year and I really missed seeing them and photographing them. Hoping next year they will once again include some in their planting scheme...

  5. Are these wild?!?! Wow, those are beautiful. We planted our own little sunflower patch in our front yard this year and were so excited how simple they are. (We live in the barren desert of NV). Thanks for sharing! This would make my day too, it kind of did seeing the pictures.


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