Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Trip To Liz's Antique Mall!!

Yesterday, I spent lunch at Liz's...again!
I was VERY good, I didn't buy anything but got some photos of great stuff!

This almost came home with me!  It's only $35 and a great size for a coffee table or the bottom of a stack of suitcases to be used as a bedside table.
It may make it to my house...tomorrow!!!

I'm searching for a vintage wooden highchair for my grandbaby, Emily Grace.
I loved this one....but it looked a bit too fragile!

Then I saw this one...only $25, but the graphics on the back were so sweet I don't think I could paint over them. 
The chair really needs some paint!

I also found this wonderful old chalk board. 
I had one of these when I was in grade school!

Continuing on, I spied this lovely set of pretty!!

This screen door has begged to come home with me several times!
It's $45, I think, & I do love it, but it's one of those things I'd have a hard time explaining to my Mr. exactly WHY I had to have it & WHAT I was going to do with it!

Two solid copper candle sticks, $225 for the pair! 
Not my style but gorgeous!

This print was so nostalgic! 
It reminds me of an old soda fountain I used to go to in a drug store in my hometown in Iowa.

Isn't that neon Pepi sign cool??!!?
The white hutch isn't bad either!

Another one that didn't leave with me!
I'm really a sucker for vintage motel chairs!

Check out all the baubles & pretties in this case!
I had to stop myself from asking for the key to look a bit closer!

Again, please forgive my Iphone photos!
Someday, I'll take a real camera with me when I'm browsing!

What have you found lately???
Did you buy it??!!?????



  1. I am afraid I would have got that yellow chair. Not the suitcase though as luckily I somehow manage to find vintage ones in good shape at yard sales for one to ten dollars. Have a splendid weekend. hugs♥O

  2. Go back and get the screen door! I love it! I have an antique door in my herb garden in the back yard, and I have really pretty honeysuckle vines growing around it...I'm sure you will find some use for it.


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