Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to Work...Tomorrow!

I've been off work for the past 2 weeks, taking care of my husband after his heart surgery, so tomorrow I go back to work!
While I was off, I got our house decorated for Christmas, some signs made, and other fun crafty stuff!
I truly L.O.V.E. making signs!  These 2 have Christmas scrapbook paper as background, then I stenciled on top of it.  Both will be making their way to my Etsy shop, Ties2ThePast, or to my booth at the Georgia North Antique Mall.

Out of everything I made while I was off, my husband said this was one of his favorites...chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with coconut & walnuts! 
Not really on our 'diets' but a nice treat once in awhile!! 



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  1. Absolutely love your signs and can't wait to make your cookies, my husband will love them too! Me too! :) Thanks, Julie (the letter 4. com's mom)

  2. So not seeing your recipe, so I will add coconut to my oatmeal recipe! Would love yours! Thanks, Julie


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