Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Building My Space & Learning Silhouette

We've had construction going on here!
Mr., & a friend of ours, worked most of last week building my 'studio' in our garage.  Guess it's really more of a 'work shop' than a 'studio'.  It will be filled with rustic work areas & neat junk finds. 
 The wall is up & I've painted shelves & trim but it will be a while before I can show the finished product.  I need a some of 50 plus degree days so I can spray paint a couple of pieces. 
 I've also painted some new signs to put in my eBay shop.  I FINALLY got my Silhouette hooked up & have had fun playing with it.  I haven't done any vinyl cutouts, yet, but have been cutting out stencils for signs.  It's truly a learning and a practice experience!!
I've found that large letters are easier to 'punch out' than the skinnier ones & that mylar can be very brittle!  I also learned, the hard way, that fonts aren't all have to use stencil fonts.  If you use regular fonts & cut them out, you lose the centers of your Os, As, & other such letters...DUH!
If any of you experienced Silhouette folks out there have helpful tips I could use, please let me know!
I've seen software advertised that will convert true fonts to stencil fonts but am wondering if they are worth the $$???
As always, my 'Family Rules' Subway Sign has continued to be a good seller on eBay.  I Mod Podged some vintage looking sheet music on my board before stenciling this sold the day after I listed it!  I bought this stencil from someone's blog...can't remember which one but love the fonts & arrangement of words.

Maybe someday I'll figure out how to make great looking Subway Art stencils on my Silhouette??!


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  1. Sherry, love that cupcake sign and it is so exciting that you have that space. olive

    1. Thanks Olive, you are always such great support! I'm making another that will say
      "you are the icing on my cupcake"...I love that cupcake stuff!!

    2. Sherry,

      Do you sell those cupcake signs? I have a friend of mine who lost her daughter recently. Her daughter's favorite thing to do was make cupcakes and I know my friend would just love that sign.

      Of not, could you direct me somewhere where I could look and buy one?

    3. Sorry I just found this comment! I do sell these signs on ebay & etsy.
      My shops name is Ties2ThePast. If there are non listed, please contact me at & I will be glad to make one for her!

  2. Great signs! Please stop by to enter my giveaway of a digital scrapbook program!

  3. Great cupcake sign! Let us know how the Silhouette learning goes!

  4. Sherry - I just sent you an email...You are the winner of my digital scrapbook software! I'll be in touch

  5. A studio?
    Lucky, lucky girl!
    And how sweet is
    your hubby to enlist
    help and get it done
    for you?! Love all of
    your signs and will
    look you up. Thanks
    for stopping by and
    your kind comment!

    xx Suzanne


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