Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Morning Bloggers!!

This morning started off as many Sunday mornings do...
I got up with my dogs, let them out, brought them in, got coffee, & went upstairs to the loft & my computer.
I read through the usual emails, Facebook, & blogs.
Emails are often just commerical ads, Facebook is where I catch up with my friends.
But the blogs...oh the, they are my favorites!
I don't know any of the folks that write the blogs I follow, except through 'blogland', but I look forward to reading about them every day!
I can go from California, to Washington state, to Ohio, to Tellico Plains, and back to Georgia in a few quick readings.
You share your thoughts, gardening tips, adventures, and your life with me....thanks!! 
I smile when I see the photos of your grandbabies, your beautiful horses & pets, and your wonderful ideas for the great 'junk' you find. 
I is the day I would share with you!

Spring in East Tennessee

Bill & I LOVE to ride our motorcycle all over the USA. 
 Most of the time we ride around Georgia, but we also ride on our vacations. 
 We've spent 3 weeks in the West, time in the Midwest, and quick vacations to Florida.  
I ride behind Bill even though I have my motorcycle license.
I see so much from the 'back of the bike' & have the opportunity to take some fun photos.

My Buddy Ace

This is Ace, one of the 6 rescued pets that live in our country home.
Ace spends each AM right here, on my lap, while I work at my computer.
Yes, he only has 1 eye (that story is a whole other blog).
I'll introduce you to the rest of them soon.

Our Front Porch

It rained yesterday & most of last PM.
The pollen is nearly gone, everything smells so fresh, & the birds are singing!

What's not to love????? ♥

Enjoy this day!!

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  1. Hi Sherry,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, out in CA! I love the pictures you posted here, you live in such a pretty spot, and your doggie is a cutie, one eye or not!
    I agree with you about blogging, it's fascinating to be able to "visit" with people from all over the world!
    Stop by again soon.
    Heidi - Heart and Home


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