Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whew! It's MUGGY in the South!

Today we were going to cut the needs it but could wait a day or so.
This AM was foggy and now, that the sun is up, it's MUGGY!
Yesterday we had a wicked storm, lots of wind & rain.
I may just stay in my bunny slippers all day & read blogs!
(I'm still in my favorite PJs!!)

I've been following the fun at "Where Bloggers Create" & have seen some beautifully decorated rooms!
My room is in the loft of our home.  It's occasionally used as a guest room but only for folks that don't mind sharing it with my 3 cats.  I also have 3 dogs & the cats enjoy having a space where they can hang out & nap quietly.  The pups are welcome up there too as long as there is no cat chasing!!
My room is where I have my office, my crafting tables, & most of my supplies.
I LOVE to make signs, mostly wooden with stenciled sayings & fun embellishments.

My 'helper' Ace.

Here's a quick photo of my loft area...

I ♥ my workspace!


Three hours ago, when I started writing this blog, I was interrupted by a voice from downstairs calling "Honey, I think it's dry enough to mow the yard now!"
That put a quick end to my PJs & bunny slippers but the yard's been cut, everything trimmed & blown off, and now we're about to have a yummy egg salad sandwich!
I'm glad we got that finished.  Tomorrow is my day off so I can 'poke around' my projects then.

Have a great rest of your weekend!!

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