Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Makeover....

I spent the better part of last weekend going through photos on my computer.  Taking pictures is something I enjoy, every one is different & holds wonderful memories.  All the photos on my blog have been shot by me.  I don't have any training, or a fancy camera & don't use PhotoShop (although I'd LOVE to!).  I do a bit of cropping here & there, add some edging but that's about it.  I guess what I'm getting at is.....this is fun!!!  I really enjoy my jaunts taking pics of barns, flowers, or whatever I find.

For instance, I've changed up my blog site.  The photo on my header is of a barn I pass everyday on my way to/from work.  It's a gorgous piece of history that's slowly fading.  I've never taken a picture of it before but, for some reason, I had my camera with me so I shot it!  It was perfect!  The horses were trotting around the pasture in the cool of the morning.  I couldn't have staged it better!!

I'm still tweaking the new site, can't seem to get the fonts exactly the right color or size.

I've added some photos of my "boys" on the right side.  These poor guys are unwilling, but frequent, objects of my photo practicing.  As soon as they here the 'beep' of my camera turning on....they scatter!!

Ace & Chipper trying out a suitcase bed!

Tomorrow I'm having another surgery on my right arm...hopefully the last!
  Not a huge deal but I'll be in a cast again for 2 months. 
 Thank goodness I'll still be able to type & take photos!!!

Enjoy today!

I ♥ this quote:

"Be who you are & say what you feel,
 those who care don't matter & those who matter don't care!"
-Dr. Seuss


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