Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have the next 12...count them...12...days off work!!!
Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those that truly LOVE their job but I do enjoy my time off.
Bill & I are heading to Iowa tomorrow for a reunion & a visit with my family in Fort Dodge.

We're traveling on this!

It will take us 2 days to get there.
I can't wait to get on the open road & ride!!!!
As you can see, we have a trailer we pull behind the Harley.
Neither one of us are 'light' packers so, this way, we can take all our stuff!

We always pray for a safe trip & dry weather!

Hope you get to spend the holidays with the ones you love, or at least with some of them!!
We're going to miss the pups & kittens like crazy but know they will be well taken care of while we're gone.

I'll be taking LOTS of photos from "the back of the bike".
Hope to see some interesting barns & farms along the way!
With the trailer, I may even be able to pick up some treasures along the way!!

See you in 12 days!!!

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  1. Oh ya~ Sounds like fun!!! My hubby wants to get a cruiser so we can travel with the bike.


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