Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yesterday, On Saturday....

Ellijay, GA
We took a motorcycle ride to Ellijay, GA & visited our favorite apple orchard.  For those of you that don't live around here, Ellijay is in Gilmer County, GA which is Georgia's Apple Capital.  Gilmer County is in North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountain range, & they produce 600,000 bushels of apples annually.

BJ Reece's & our bike!

There are apple orchards everywhere...our favorite is B.J. Reece's.

So many yummy things to eat here!!

They have all kinds of fruits, vegetables, ciders, jams, jellies, honey, and great people that work there.

OMG! The PIES!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the main reason we come...the pies!
They are heavenly!  Fresh, homemade fried, peach, coconut, chocolate, maple, any flavor you could dream of!!

The mountains in the background with apple trees in the valley.

The scenery is so beautiful here.  It's a bit early for some of the apples but we'll be back again in the fall.
We LOVE to ride when the mountain air is crispy cool!!

Mr. "OOPS! You caught me"!!!!

I looked away for about 2 seconds, took a photo, turned around again and...hey!  Look who's gotten into the bag of fried apple pies!!!!   It's ok....he shared!

A perfect way to spend one of the last warm days of summer!
I even snapped photos of old barns from the back of the bike...hope to share some at the next "Barn Chicks" Party on September 3!!


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  1. looks like a great time- cannot wait to see your Barn Chick post on Friday- come by and link up!



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