Friday, September 3, 2010

Love Me Some "See Rock City" Barns!!

As you can tell from my header and footer pictures, I love See Rock City barns! 
I'm VERY fortunate to have 2 barns within 15 miles or so of my home in NW GA.
Both of those photos were taken by me.

A book by David B. Jenkins

Recently, I bought a book called ROCK CITY BARNS, A PASSING ERA, written and photographed by David B. Jenkins.
All of the following photos are from the book.

US 41 in Coffee County, TN

A little history on the Barns.....
Originally used as an outdoor advertising campaign for Rock City on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN, these barns were found all over the southeastern USA.  Clark Byers painted the barns for over 30 years and he painted them all free hand.

Interstate 75 in Whitfield County, GA

This one is so cute...painted to look like the famous See Rock City bird houses!!!

US 41 in Gibson County, Indiana

The photo above is one of my favorites!  I have this as a signed framed photo by David Jenkins in my home.
The gentleman in the picture is Clarence Spindler.  The barn was built before Clarence was born.  It became a Rock City landmark in 1949, just 2 years after he brought his new wife to the old farmstead.  In the book, the author writes, "Like Clarence, the barn and it's sign are showing just a little bit of wear.  But they're hangin' in there pretty good, considerin'."

The next photos are also from the book....enjoy!

US 41-A in Webster County, Kentucky
US 11 at Sequoyah Caverns in Dekalb County, Alabama

US 11 in Dekalb County, Alabama

Thanks to Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors for hosting this fabulous Barn Chicks Party!
I'm so PROUD to be a part of it!

And, a special thanks to David B. Jenkins for his wonderful book on Rock City Barns. 
Because of him, these American treasures will never be lost!!!!

Can't wait till our next soiree'!!



  1. Hi Sherry!

    Those are such great barns aren't they? I remember seeing them when I was younger, but didn't know what it the history of them and sure do appreciate them.

  2. thanks for mentioning my Brayton Homestead Interiors mention. love your post. The Rock City Barns rock!!!

    glad you are a barn chick...


  3. I so love all these painted barns-thanksfor sharing them with me!

  4. Hi Sherry, how fabulous! I love all of the barns, and I love that adorable little vintage gentleman! (I will never call anyone old!)... thanks for sharing, I am going to check Amazon right this minute for that book!... So fun being a Barn Chick!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. The "See Rock City Barns" have always caught my attention. I like this post. I am in central Ga. hugs♥olive

  6. Oh, I remember these from my childhood. There was one near my home in SE Alabama. It made me think Rock City was the place to go.... better than Paris or Rome :-) Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

  7. i like those too! i have a miniature here at my house that i bought in chattanooga!

  8. So many memories from my childhood here. We lived in Atlanta and traveled to Tennessee a few times a year and these barns always were connected in my mind to a visit with my beloved grandma. Lovely shots all of them. I've been wanting to capture a few myself. I may have the opportunity soon.

  9. I have seen the book and wanted it but never bought it...and I just love barns in general.

  10. Love the barns, they're all gorgeous... We don't get a lot of history on our barns, so this was really nice!

    Thanks so much for joining Barn Charm =)

  11. Very cool! I just did some research into barn advertising because of the Oregon one I recently posted -- it is in danger of being torn down which is sad -- they are such wonderful icons of an era. Now by the way I really want to go to Rock City, so I guess they're still working.

  12. WE were in chattanooga Tn. this time last year. We went up on Look out Mnt. but did not go to rock city! Now I am sorry! This Barns are so unique. I wonder if they got paid for the advertising!


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