Thursday, October 14, 2010


I got up this AM, planning on going to work.  I did my usual coffee at the computer, reading my FaceBook & blogs routine, even took a couple of minutes to enjoy the cool morning on the front porch with my sweetheart, then started to get ready for my day.  I folded a couple loads of clothes, fed the pups....the usual.  But...then, it hit me!!!!  I REALLY didn't want to go to work today!!  Don't get me wrong...I do like my job!  I work full time for a Harley-Davidson dealership as their marketing & events coordinator, web & eBay administrator, & whatever else they ask me to do!  But today...I need a Sherry day!  I called in & told our office administrator just lies about being sick, I was completely up front & honest.  She said "Good for you, wish I could do that!".  Not sure what she meant but here I am, at home, planning some fun!

Check this project out....
These sweet snowmen are waiting to made into holiday lamps!  I used to make lamps a lot but haven't done much of that lately.  They're really cute, fun to make, & sell well.  I'll take photos of the process & may write a tutorial later.  Who knows...I may even give one away on my blog!

That brings up another blog.  I only have 6 followers :( !  While I appreciate you 6 lovelies, I'd like to make some more blogger friends!  I've 'linked up' to parties, made comments, joined in here & there but still only have 6 followers.
Any suggestions ??

The first coat of paint on the lamp bases have dried so I better get back to work!
Hope you all have a fun day too!!



  1. Oh Sherry, you are too cute! I just sent you an email too... how fun that you are a Harley Chick too! Your job must be sooo much fun! Your little snowmen look like they will be adorable as lamps... now, as far as the followers... when I first started my blog, the only ones who ever looked at it were me, my sis and my I visited more blogs I liked, I signed on to follow, and some of them followed me back...I am happy when people like what I post, but if only one person followed me, I would be happy... I post what is on my mind, for me, and hope people enjoy it... I would love to do a special post about you and your blog, if you don't mind, and introduce people to you... do you mind if I snatch a few of your photos??? Check your email... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. How funny, Sherry! I have been known to do that myself...a little mental health day! lol Love the cute! Your Noggin reminds me of my Baby Kitty! and Maxie Cat has some of the most unusual markings I have ever seen! He looks like he's wearing a pair of striped knee socks! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs..Debbie


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