Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Barn Chick Party....Barn Birdhouses

I decided to go a different route for this Barn Chicks Party!
I have several bird houses around our counrty place, many are 'barn' shaped!
Most are made by a local artist that is VERY talented...and she also grooms 2 of my dogs!

This first one reminds me of a stable.
Can you see all the details, mini shovels & other tools??  
It sits on our porch & is visited each Spring & Summer by a family of blue birds!
I LOVE the sign under it...found at a local antique mall. 
The chicken coop is one of my favorite possessions (one of about a hundred!!), also found at an antique mall.

This lovely is a good old fashion red the tin roof!!
It's by our back door area which is very busy with lots of ins & outs.
Wasps are the main resident so I'm constantly spaying it with the hose!!

Not actually a barn, but this outhouse is so cute!
It's sitting in front of an old barn/shed door, also one of my favorite possessions!!

Another one of the prizes on the front porch...
it has NOTHING to do with barns, but I thought I'd share anyway!!

Another view of my barn door...isn't it a beaut??!!!??
I wouldn't part with it for $1 million (I don't think!).

Just to get us all in the holiday spirit, this photo is of my barn door (far right) and another barn door towards the front which now lives on my back porch.  These photos are from the sweet little store I had about 5 years ago.  I'll share more another time!

Another view of the front porch with more bird houses...I just ♥ them!

Thanks to Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors for hosting this fun event....she gives the BEST parties!!!



  1. I loved looking around your place today-so many great country touches you have!

  2. Hi Sherry, I love all of your little barn birdhouses, too cute! I also love your barn door, and how fun you had a shop! That old wringer washer is great, everything looks just perfect! Your porch looks so cozy and inviting, I would love to sit there and drink some coffee and chat with you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. love your birdhouses! what a fantastic post! they really all look like rustic barns, so cool! My favorite is the red barn with the tin roof, imagine that life size, in my yard, hehe..
    thank you so much for joining in my Barn Chick Party, friend.


  4. I'm so glad I found you at the Barn Chicks party! I love all your birdhouses. I've always loved them. I want to make little tiny bird furniture for them though. I don't know that Tweety would appreciate the extra effort though - or the wasps (eek!) I'll be followin ya now! Such a fun place

  5. Your barns are incredible and I love the barn birdhouses and doors. Great look. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I just love the beautiful birdhouses you have shared with us today! I think the first one is my favorite... and your old barn door is wonderful, and so good for displaying things on it!!! I loooooooooove the wash stand with the gorgeous flowers in it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful treasures with us today! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  7. Thank you so much for sharing all your delightful country touches. Those porch chairs look mighty comfy. Great use for an old wash tub! We build bird houses here too and never tire of seeing creative versions. I think the birds appreciate them too.

  8. Love your birdhouses and your porch! Great post. Have a splendid weekend.

  9. This is the first year I put a little bird house on my mantel and I just love it. Your pics are really nice.


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