Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dixie Hwy Yard Sale

The 90 mile, Old Dixie Highway Yard Sale was held this weekend in Georgia!
It's a 3 day event held on the first weekend of June each year.
I have a couple of favorite spots I go to so I started out Friday AM in the drizzling rain.
I also had to travel this highway (GA HWY 41) on Saturday, a beautiful cool day.
More sellers & buyers than Friday but so much TRAFFIC!!
I bought a few things, didn't get too far down the road before I spent my $ for the day!!

One of the sellers had a bunch of metal yard art.
A local man that had made them....aren't they a hoot???
I bought a chicken...not the HUGE one I wanted but mine stands about 2 feet tall.
He's living in my garden area with my barn quilts.
Isn't he handsome?
I also picked up this bug guy...not sure what it is but I like him!

Found a couple of white motel chairs at a decent price, $30 each, & I'll be painting them.
Green or yellow, haven't decided which yet!

Also bought these 2 chandys for $5 each.

I'm in the process of taking them apart and painting them.
They'll be re-purposed into something pretty, I hope!
If they turn out like I plan, I'll post photos!

A fun weekend...hope yours was too!!



  1. Love the barn quilts. They look wonderful.

    1. Thanks Donna!
      I had the best time painting them!!

  2. Fun critters! I like the rooster you bought!

    great price on the chandys. :) I just redid one last week... Gutted it... that's all. LOL
    I took the easy way out.


    1. I gutted mine too!
      After some paint, votives, & some bling they turned out pretty cute!
      Took them to the antique mall yesterday but forgot to take photos!! Duh!

  3. Looks like you really scored this weekend! Love those metal barn animals, and I'll be interested to see how the chandeliers turn out.


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