Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pink Chalk Board & My NEW Work Space!

Today I finished painting this pink chalk board...I love it!
Originally, it started as a $2.50 frame (bought at 30% off) I found at Georgia North Antique Mall in Adairsville, GA.
Before I get to that story, I want to share the wonderful shelf my husband built me in my work shop.
All my paints & supplies are right at my fingertips!
My work shop is in our garage/basement area & will never be featured in Where Women Create but it's exactly what I wanted, air conditioned, & all mine!!!!!!!!!
After cleaning the frame, I painted it Hollyhock Pink (Martha Stewart) & then a coat of clear sealer.
I had the Home Depot guys mix a jar of  Behr primer/paint sample but in Martha's colors.

I added a strip of fabric I'd bought at Hobby Lobby.
Cut it double the size I needed to cover, pressed it to fit, & hot glued it to the frame!
So easy!
I saw the idea on a blog or Pinterest, can't remember which, but thanks to whoever posted it!!
I'll be taking this to the Antique Mall next week to sell in my booth!



  1. That is so cute! I have yet to do a chalkboard paint project even though I have the paint!

    1. Thanks Cindy!
      I think I like the brush on paint better than the's easier to control & I can do it inside!

  2. Hi Sherry, I think that your new work space is wonderful. Hubby did a good job. Love the pink chalkboard frame. Especially the bit of leopard. It makes it a bit wild!

    1. Thanks Jann!
      I do love my workshop!
      Working with the leopard was fun...nothing that would work in my house but fun to play with!!

  3. Looks great. Your workspace is great.


  4. The idea to add fabric around the frame is brilliant and since I have been hoarding vintage fabric for years, I might have to try this. Thanks for the inspiration! -amy


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