Monday, June 24, 2013

The BarnQuiltStore Blog is BACK!!

Hello bloggers!!!!
I've been gone a long time...5 months to be much has happened!!

This is my second year of retirement as well as my second year of painting barn quilts.

We have been so BUSY!!!!!

Our website, The BarnQuiltStore, and our Etsy shop have kept me painting!

We entered our first Arts Festival this summer
 and came away with a blue ribbon!

Bill has been shipping out barn quilts like crazy
 but still has time to ride with the
Patriot Guard on some of their missions.

I've designed a barn quilt pattern of my own,
 I call it The Queen Bee Pattern.

It's for sale on our website
as well as in our Etsy shop.

We've added several more patterns to our store,
and are up to almost 50 for you to choose from!!

Thanks for letting me catch up with you.
I'll try to be a better blogger in the
 future and not have so much
time pass between posts!
I appreciate you all hanging with me!

How's your summer going???


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