Thursday, September 30, 2010

50 Geese A Grazing!

I pass this field on my way to work every day.
Sometimes there are herds of cows,
sometimes rows of hay bales.
Today....there were over 50 geese a grazin'!
A sure sign that Fall is on it's way!!!

I LOVE Fall y'all!!



  1. Hi Sherry, what a beautiful sight! I love fall too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I love Fall too~ I don't get to see many geese around these parts though. :(

  3. I also love the geese. For a couple years we had 2 that would stay in our front field. There is something calming about them. Love your barn pics!
    We took several pics of barns when we traveled through Vermont last week. We hit 5 states in 6 days and filled a whole camera card. I will be posting lots of pics over the next few weeks.
    ~ Julie

  4. Assuming you live in the country?
    I love your picture header. Those kind of scenes are the ones that make me jump out of the car and start taking pictures.

    I love to hear a flock of geese, but I don't enjoy walking through a field after they've been there. Know what I mean? :) They're as bad as sea gulls on my deck.

    You have so many beautiful furry little people!

  5. Hi Sherry!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog was nice to 'meet' you. I LOVE your blog header...what a cool barn and I LOVE horses. As you already know ...I LOVE fall's my favorite time of year. Finally we can open the windows (if the wind isn't blowing dust in from the dirt road) and enjoy some fresh air before winter comes. I'm going to have some fun looking around your blog after supper....I hope you have a wonderful evening! Take care.
    Maura :)

  6. hope it is ok that I put your pic on my blog BARN CHICK PARTY post!hope you can join...


  7. I hopped over from the barn chick party. We have geese flying over regularly and while I do enjoy the sight, the noise can be deafening!


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