Sunday, September 16, 2012

The BarnQuiltStore Is OPEN! Barn Quilts For Sale!!!!!!

The BarnQuiltStore is open & ready to sell my hand painted barn quilts, wooden signs, and other fun stuff!
I'm SOOO excited!!!!
There is still a little 'tweaking' left to do but I couldn't wait to share this!!
Now, I need to get busy & paint more barn quilts!
All of my barn quilts are 2'x2', perfect for displaying on your garage, shed, front porch or even in your home.
They aren't just for "barns" anymore!!!
 With the holidays coming up (only a bit over 13 weeks before Christmas!!!!!), I'm hoping that some of you will choose a barn quilt as a unique gift.
I'm also selling on eBay & Etsy for now but hope that my online store takes off on it's own. In case you don't know about the history of Barn Quilts, I made up this short version to send out with my quilt squares.
For more information, and to check out the Barn Quilt Trails in your area, just GOOGLE Barn Quilts.
You'll be amazed at the history and all the places you can see these works of art.
My daughter and I are planning a trip to Iowa in November and are including a trip on the Iowa Barn Quilt Trail while we are there.
Feel free to 'splash' my link anywhere you think would be a good place to help me advertise...ok???!
My URL is
Please stop by my website & let me know what you think!
I love hearing from you!


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    1. Thanks Julie! I appreciate your sweet comment!

  2. Mary

    Love your barn quilts! Best wishes!

  3. How can I order a barn quilt and me & my wife pick it up in November when we are vacation?

    1. I would first need your email address so I could reply directly to you!

  4. We would love to contact you about making a new barn quilt. Will you please e-mail me at I have been trying to send you mail for a few hours and it is disabled at this time. Thank you so much. Shirley


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