Friday, September 7, 2012

The Yellow Daisy Festival

Thursday, my friend Fay & I headed towards Atlanta for the Yellow Daisy Festival.
Celebrating its 44th year, Stone Mountain Park’s Yellow Daisy Festival is one of America’s favorite and most well-known arts & crafts festivals. Featuring more than 400 artists from all over the country, the Yellow Daisy Festival is held each year in the month of September to celebrate the blooming of the Confederate Yellow Daisy.  (The daisy can be seen in its natural environment on hiking trails on the mountain). 
We spent the day enjoying all the arts, crafts, and FOOD!
I took lots of photos of the goodies that were for sale.
These folks have been here for years & years.
They sell fresh ground grits!

Rick Heard from Murfreesboro,TN makes the neatest treasures from recycled serving pieces.  Some were made into waterfalls, wind chimes, and even turtles!
One of my FAVORITE artists is Kathleen Green.
I personally own over 10 of her pictures.
She graciously agreed to pose by this huge painting of a cow...isn't it awesome!
It would look perfect in an office at Chic-Fil-A's corporate headquarters!!

We always have to stop & taste the delicious drinks at the Perky Moose....yum!!!
Tastes good & the packaging is so cute!

The rest are random photos of  booths at the festival!
So much eye candy...we wanted to take everything home with us!!
Hilarious sayings!

Bird Houses

Aren't they pretty??

Flags made from boards

Lots of GOOD stuff

Christmas decor

Happy Fall Y'all

Art on windows!

Flip Flops

Loved this re-purposing!!

So clever!

A chicken planter made from a tire.

A flower garden

Cute owl it!!

See the camper??

Planter made from tree bark.

Beautiful pottery!

More lovelies!!
As you can tell, the Yellow Daisy Festival is a must see yearly festival!
It's the same weekend each really have to experience it to believe it!
Have you been to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park, GA??

Where's your favorite fall festival??


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